True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

24 Hour Seven Day Working NHS

So doctors should work 24/7 for their public, should they?

This public who think nothing of the head of the LTA getting £640,000 for making the sport smaller.

We have an over-entitled, over-fed, under-educated populace. People are not interested in taking care of themselves or others. Care has become expected rather than treasured.

Nowhere else in the world is the care as efficient or well managed. Sadly the politicians and ruling generation are all terrified of the "C" word (no not Jeremy Hunt), cancer.

Cancer can be awful, but often it's significance is over-played compared to cardiovascular disease, dementia, etc. Treatment is horrible, expensive and often of limited value. And yet we still cling to the idea of quantity rather than quality - who wants 5 extra months if you feel awful and want to die but won't… especially if it costs £1000-£10000s per day.

But the baby-boomer generation want to live to 90 in luxury, whilst our generation starve and scrape to pay for them. NIMBYs at home, and NIMLs at work and play (Not In My Lifetime).

Just think of the legacy they leave:

  • Environmental decay Poverty Global recession Youth un-employment

Just a thought...


NIMBYs and the Green Revolution

Why are we not forging ahead with micro-generation and renewable energy in all new homes?

Is it the NIMBY element?

Is it the corrupt politicians?

In my opinion ALL new buildings - houses/offices/anything should be built with renewable energy sources. All homes should have solar panels for heat and energy.

If every new building in the public sector had this technology, not only would it be cheaper but the amount of waste that has not changed in 11 years.

This is not just an environmental problem but also an economic problem.

Can you imagine how much more money would be around if the wastage of millions of PCs was sorted?

Just imagine!



I saw Skyfall yesterday, for the second time! It remains as good on second viewing, with a great script and a fantastic enemy. One would be well placed to see time and again. The Bond reboot gathers pace.

Deftones - Koi No Yokan

It's fab. Classic, heavy, lingering and ethereal. Shouldn't be possible, but they've managed to make an album that both salutes their past and their fallen comrades but also pushes on further and expands on the template. Not formulaically thrashing through the gears, this is an album designed for repeat listening. It sucks you in, and makes you think of dark autumn nights. It will destroy the venues during gigs.

How to destroy angels... or hospitals

Some people are good at making things work.

Some people are good at making people work.

Very few are good at both.

Don't treat medicine like a business.

It isn't and never will be.