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V For Vendetta

Amazing film. Absolutely fantastic.

If you haven't watched it and you're British you have no excuse whatsoever!

It's scary how topical this remains!

Rivet - Genius

I have just finished watching some movies I had put on my laptop for travel away. Sounds dull I hear you cry. Well yes it would be without the fact that I watched it on my tv via my xbox whilst working on laptop...

Rivet is the culprit.

It works fantastically well. No complaints, no problems. Easy setup, easy usage, literally drag and drop the movies you want to watch into the appropriate folder. True not all codecs are allowed, but frankly nearly all of them work - only matroska seems to be against the rules.

If you're thinking of an Apple TV and already have an Xbox 360, get it - only £20. Admittedly not for iTunes content yet, but hopefully we'll get around that soon.

9 out of 10 definitely.

Militant Medical Nurse: Ward Nurse Suspended...

Militant Medical Nurse: Ward Nurse Suspended...

Maybe in the future people will notice how important a good nurse is. Just as important as a good doctor, or a good porter or a good ward clerk. All in different ways, but without any of them the magic just doesn't happen.