True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

Prodigy Brixton 2008

Prodigy, at Brixton, just before Xmas...

Bloody awesome - will update this later in depth.

Suffice to say it was loud, madcap and hectic.

Photos are here


Christmas Time 2008

The end of an incredibly complicated year...

It was the start of my surgery training, the end of a relationship, the buying of a flat and moving back into London.

It was the year of diving with turtles, reacquainting with friends, of going out, rejuvenation.

And to cap it all I went swimming in the bloody sea at Xmas and got an amazing camera as an unexpected pressie.

More piccies to come later - just realised that all my iPhotos are jumbled... Bugger!

T-Mobile Mobile Broadband on Mac OS X 10.5.5...

Don't even bother with the rubbishy wank web n' walk manager. It won't work.

However, just using network connect for the modem and plugging in the number *99# will in the UK!!!

Awesome, just took a while. And thanks to Helpdesk Simon - good work sir!

Twittered to death by Stephen Fry...

Amazing... I am now apparently being followed by Stephen Fry.

But I can't see him anywhere.

He's like a ninja!

Also this week I am being cultural