True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

XBOX 360 has landed - for free!


Plus it has come with Mass Effect, not Project Gotham Racing (which Pendulum contributed a track to the soundtrack of).

Strange but true!

New Job - Back to the mothership...

I have finally been told where my new job is...

It's in Vascular Surgery (General) which is my dream job. And at Hammersmith Hospital, which is also pretty close to my ideal of being a top dog at Charing Cross...

Little by little...

Pendulum - In Silica

Now I thought it was good when played live. Album is also wicked when stuck in a traffic jam. Fantastic stuff and well worth a purchase.

You have won... Pendulum tickets! YAY!

Oh my god.

Pendulum were awesome. And some of my friends didn't want to go. I will upload photos later. Only 250 people were there, compared to the 30,000 they played to the previous day. Just as loud though! Full thoughts later.

Rapidblog is my latest attempt to keep the damn site up to date - means that when I blog in blogger it shows up in Rapidweaver and when I blog in Rapidweaver it shows up here - double effect for your money!

Finally, ITU is picking up - plenty of stuff to do and plenty plenty lines to fit in...


XBOX 360 as a lovely prize...

I won a chuffing XBox 360 on XFM yesterday!  Also got tickets to awesome band Pendulum's album unleashing at Fabric in London.  How effing wicked is that?

Grand Theft Auto 4 here I come!

But seriously, how often do you randomly text in to a radio station and win something?  Not that often, surely.  Only happened twice in two attempts for me... I love XFM!  Plus the music is ace too.

I'll let you know what happens soon.

Moving in medicine again...

I move on Wednesday into the weird world
of ITU... God I'm not looking forward to minimal changes and nothing happening! Looks like it'll bee 3 months of a complete change of direction for me. We'll see...

But on the plus side I will get to write more of this!