True mumblings, from a junior doctor...


Nothing is worse than revising for an exam that no one has seen before.

This is painful and probably fruitless.


NCEPOD and 'Caring To The End'

John Black, President of the Royal College of Surgeons gives this key response to the NCEPOD's ''Death in Acute Hospitals: Caring To The End?"

“Caring to the End?” makes an irrefutable argument for:

1. A consultant delivered surgical service

2. An opt-out from the EWTD for surgery

Couldn't agree more. Without time and senior support being a surgical junior is like shooting yourself in the arse.

ISCP the devils worksite

Oh my god I hate the ISCP site...

Designed by a kid with crayons, it sucks the very life from me.

WHY OH WHY could they not integrate the sodding ISCP surgeons log into it instead of attempting to botch their own?

especially as they should have bought elogbook, or even OOOTTA


New Job - Back to the mothership...

I have finally been told where my new job is...

It's in Vascular Surgery (General) which is my dream job. And at Hammersmith Hospital, which is also pretty close to my ideal of being a top dog at Charing Cross...

Little by little...