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NOCS Earphones

I've been looking for a long time for earphones like these.  They remain true to the original design principles of the iPod and Jonathan Ive.

Less is more.

What do you need in headphones?  Do you need ridiculous huge earmuffs.  Yes they block out sound, but do you need that for the commute?  Would you rather hear some of what transpires outside of your head, or be hit by a bus?  Admittedly the BEATs headphones would probably win in a headphone vs bus crash but still.

So what do the NOCS offer then?

Fab sound.  Sublime minimalistic design and a good price.


Deftones - Koi No Yokan

It's fab. Classic, heavy, lingering and ethereal. Shouldn't be possible, but they've managed to make an album that both salutes their past and their fallen comrades but also pushes on further and expands on the template. Not formulaically thrashing through the gears, this is an album designed for repeat listening. It sucks you in, and makes you think of dark autumn nights. It will destroy the venues during gigs.

At The Drive-In - Brixton 28th August 2012

Oh my god. At The Mother-F*ckin' Drive-In


What an amazing return. Having missed them when they broke up some 12 years ago, I was damn sure I was seeing them this time. At The Drive-In were and are once again one of my all time favourite bands, from the crazy vocals, to the esoteric musical clashes and changes of tempo and movement.

They were geniuses in indie kids clothing and they remain so. Except they're now 12 years older and wiser. Cedric and Omar have returned from their Prog Mars Volta excellence and Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar from the Sparta.

Here they finished their Relationship of Command tour. The last of the tour after playing Reading & Leeds and the best by far (or so the merchandise guy told me).

Absolutely blistering performance.

Played in by MMOTHS - a DJ set of chillax really, it set a mellow scene for what was about to blow my mind. From the frank craziness of having a constantly boiling kettle, through to unbelievable sets of crashing guitars, pummelling drums and heaving mosh pits.

All the favourites were played, leading to a crescendo with breakthrough One Armed Scissor acting as the encore completion. Perfect.

Only thing I didn't see was Omar's breakdancing. But then he's old and frankly the joints have probably seized. Only down side…

That and the music balance was crap to start but the tech's managed to sort it out by the end.

Maryiln Manson - Born Villain

A cracking return to form from the most mainstream alt metal man around.

Nice and dirty and crunchy.

How does this compare to current rock fare?

It's the difference between the first Saw film and Scream - gritty and dirty. Seems fresh and definitely a return to form.

Marina & The Diamonds - Electra Heart

This is a cracking new album from the Welsh songstress.

I like it immensely. Probably not as groundbreaking as the first one, but the amazing voice is still there and this has a brilliant injection of dance floor zest.

Buy it.

Radiohead - The King Of Limbs

It's out.

No publicity.

Word of mouth...

Awesome as ever.

Here's the video for lotus flower

Review to follow...

Bullet for my Valentine - No Easy Way Out

This is awesome. Absolutely awesome. No better stuff ever!


Dan Le Sac versus Scroobius Pip LIVE

I'm off there tonight. Will let you know how it went...

Excited... Me?

F*ck yeah!

The Chemical Brothers - Further

The Chemical Brother's new album builds of the strengths of 2007's 'We Are The Night'.

No guest vocalists. Swirling electronica. Staggering build-ups. Beautiful soundscapes.

Gone are the days of big-beat breakdowns. This is a maturing and beautifully able band pushing forwards. This is electronica for those with discerning palettes.

Great stuff.

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

Even without their severely injured bassist Chi Cheng Deftones have returned with a stonking album.

This is almost a culmination of their art - marrying the ferocity of Adrenaline and Around The Fur with the more experimental and electronic White Pony and Saturday Night Wrist.

All of the songs are beautiful in their layered texture and aching vocals. This cannot easily be expressed in words. It is Deftones to the max.


The Divine Comedy @ Somerset House

Fantastic Gig.

2+ hours of 1 man, a piano, and a guitar.

So many great songs. So many good ad libs. Such fun. Only problem is that the lady should have been there too.

Included were Becoming More Like Alfie, If..., National Express, Indie Disco, Everybody Knows, Tonight We Fly, Geronimo et al! About 30 songs in total!

Support act were pretty good too - Kath Davies I think.

See the pics here.

Air @ Somerset House

Somerset House is a beautiful place in the rain, let alone on a hot summer evening with the lady.

And when I got there, sweaty and late after work, the first thing that happened is that Air played a blinder. Brilliant. 2 hours of Gaellic perfection. All the classics, and some cracking posturing. Beautiful.

See the pics here.

Marina And The Diamonds

This lovely Welsh born, London residing chanteuse has a stunning voice and some cracking songs. Like a welsh Kate Bush.

From Hollywood to Mowgli's Road genre hopping awesomeness. Me love and you should like. Debut album is out soonish - 15/02/2010. Can get it at iTunes then apparently

Next gig is 26/01/2010 at Dingwalls in Camden. I reckon it should be awesome. I'm going to try and get there personal like...

AFI - Crash Love

AFI - Crash Love.

Released Sept 09 I've only just picked it up as I've become increasingly slack at being the leader of the fashionistas.

This is their 8th (!) studio album. They do seem to keep churning them out at a frightening speed. Since their seminal "The Art of Drowning" some have felt they have been treading water. I think that actually they found their mojo and their groove and followed it.

It's basically a more poppy version of "The Art of Drowning". Beautifully crafted anthemic angst. Nothing more nothing less. Still enough of the crunch to grasp the oldies and enough of the singalongs to get the young girls...

If you like AFI you'll love this. If you like people such as Fall Out Boy - try upgrading to quality music like this.

Me like. Enough said.

Exactly how I feel about Glastonbury!

Telegraph story about the over-hyped crap that is Glastonbury


Prodigy Brixton 2008

Prodigy, at Brixton, just before Xmas...

Bloody awesome - will update this later in depth.

Suffice to say it was loud, madcap and hectic.

Photos are here


New Bands...

The two new bands in my life are...

Scars on Broadway - awesome.

Toby Keane - awesome. Plus he's a fellow from my school.. who I actually know... awesome.

Hadouken, Koko 2008

Lucky enough to get a free ticket to see them as part of the iTunes festival on the 4th July...

Also playing were Does it Offend You, Yeah?

Now both are trying to offer 1980s game music, with a hard rock edge - a la Atari Teenage Riot. Neither are yet as good or as blastingly hard as ATR.

However, if you ever wanted a sign as to why British society is falling under the weight of irresponsible, greedy, annoying little buggers called teenagers, then Hadouken is the band for you. Like music for the jilted generation summed up the early nineties, music for an accelerated nation does it for the late noughties.

Problem is that the summation is:
Smoke, Drink, F*ck, Lie, Steal, Break things, and generally be ignorant of everyone and think your better than the rest when actually the teens tha tI saw there were a bunch of morons.

Felt like a bloody grandpa, and nothing the stupid chav front man of Hadouken said could I really relate to - I am not a thug. People are obviously keen to be thugs.

I on the other hand have spent my life avoiding the curse of the provincial military town - booze and underachievement...

Pendulum - In Silica

Now I thought it was good when played live. Album is also wicked when stuck in a traffic jam. Fantastic stuff and well worth a purchase.

You have won... Pendulum tickets! YAY!

Oh my god.

Pendulum were awesome. And some of my friends didn't want to go. I will upload photos later. Only 250 people were there, compared to the 30,000 they played to the previous day. Just as loud though! Full thoughts later.

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Finally, ITU is picking up - plenty of stuff to do and plenty plenty lines to fit in...