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Doha, World Cup Event!

So I've been building up to this - the big comp...

The way a Grand Prix in fencing works is this:

Each team enters a certain number of fencers. I believe the maximum is 12 per country. Traditionally, the strong teams are European, but now the Chinese & US teams and the rest of the world are more than a match for most.

The comp is divided into two days. The first day is a preliminary day, consisting of a group stage (poule) of ideally 7 fencers. In that stage, it's up to 5 hits in 3 minutes. Then based on those results, some get eliminated, some get straight through to the next day to join the world top 16, and then the rest fight off to leave 32. This gives 64 for the finals day. They battle through to win.

In Doha, the prize is €10,000! That's unheard of in fencing. Bastards.

So how did I do? Well... Not as well as I hoped. Not as bad as it could have been.

128 total.
112 in the poules.
79 promoted...

Poule of:
1. Pol - loss 5-0 (bollocks)
2. Can - win 5-1
3. Ger - win 5-3
4. Ita - loss 3-2 on priority (bugger)
5. UAE - win 5-2
6. Esp - lost 4-3 on priority (bugger)
7. Me!

So 3-3 in the poule meant I was slap bang in the middle of the draw. Only problem was I met a bloody good guy - another Pol... and despite his injured knee he was good enough to beat me 15-13...

close, but no cigar... piccies up on the link

Day 2 in Doha...



breakfast, more training - not as good today, think they've come up to speed and I haven't!
lunch, then sightseeing in doha - yay! photos to follow which I think will impress.

also the wikipedia site about doha is much better now - here and a cracking map here

would have been bloody useful to have them before we got here, but hey.

Been selected for Legnano (Italy, near Milan) Grand Prix too... yay!

photos to follow when I can be arsed.