True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

Rivet - Genius

I have just finished watching some movies I had put on my laptop for travel away. Sounds dull I hear you cry. Well yes it would be without the fact that I watched it on my tv via my xbox whilst working on laptop...

Rivet is the culprit.

It works fantastically well. No complaints, no problems. Easy setup, easy usage, literally drag and drop the movies you want to watch into the appropriate folder. True not all codecs are allowed, but frankly nearly all of them work - only matroska seems to be against the rules.

If you're thinking of an Apple TV and already have an Xbox 360, get it - only £20. Admittedly not for iTunes content yet, but hopefully we'll get around that soon.

9 out of 10 definitely.

Nisus Writer Pro

I have bought this now.

It is a wonderfully good word processor. It makes my first drafts so so much easier - then I transfer to Word 2011 for extreme compatibility and easier Endnote usage. Were the new beta patch for endnote not to have arrived, and I hadn't already bought Endnote X4 - it would have been Nisus and Bookends every step of the way.

A full review in due course...


Just picked up Braid for the mac.

Oh my god it's awesome.

It's also damn annoying, but for about £7 - so so worth it.

If you haven't tried/heard about it, it's originally an XBox 360 Live Arcade Game, then ported to the PS3 and the PC/Mac. In it you play a guy called Tim who's rescuing a Princess he lost through a mistake. The gameplay is essentially platforming puzzle-tastic, but crucially each level is a puzzle where you manipulate time to achieve the result and each world has a different mechanism. I'm yet to finish it, and I've been playing pretty hard over the last few days. Often the puzzle answers are clear but how to effect them is not!

Probably the best game I've played in ages, including things like Modern Warfare 2 and GTA 4...

Buy it, you will definitely NOT regret it.

New Mac!

I have just got a new Macbook Pro...

My 6 1/2 year old TiBook is still going strong, but I needed something to take me into the next decade. Thanks dad! Totally unexpected and very gratefully received.

Bought day 1, arrived day 2, migrated day 3. Awesome.

Photos later when I've synced it all properly - investigating Chronosync.

Just used my old one - dear god the new one's screen has ruined me!

It is awesome all-round frankly!