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The Northern Line - My Friend!

This fantastic video details some little known bits about the Northern line.

Doesn't include the fact that the express Northern line planned before/during the war was never finished and the deep shelters under the tube stations were built by hand!



At The Drive-In - Brixton 28th August 2012

Oh my god. At The Mother-F*ckin' Drive-In


What an amazing return. Having missed them when they broke up some 12 years ago, I was damn sure I was seeing them this time. At The Drive-In were and are once again one of my all time favourite bands, from the crazy vocals, to the esoteric musical clashes and changes of tempo and movement.

They were geniuses in indie kids clothing and they remain so. Except they're now 12 years older and wiser. Cedric and Omar have returned from their Prog Mars Volta excellence and Jim Ward and Tony Hajjar from the Sparta.

Here they finished their Relationship of Command tour. The last of the tour after playing Reading & Leeds and the best by far (or so the merchandise guy told me).

Absolutely blistering performance.

Played in by MMOTHS - a DJ set of chillax really, it set a mellow scene for what was about to blow my mind. From the frank craziness of having a constantly boiling kettle, through to unbelievable sets of crashing guitars, pummelling drums and heaving mosh pits.

All the favourites were played, leading to a crescendo with breakthrough One Armed Scissor acting as the encore completion. Perfect.

Only thing I didn't see was Omar's breakdancing. But then he's old and frankly the joints have probably seized. Only down side…

That and the music balance was crap to start but the tech's managed to sort it out by the end.

Dan Le Sac versus Scroobius Pip LIVE

I'm off there tonight. Will let you know how it went...

Excited... Me?

F*ck yeah!

The Divine Comedy @ Somerset House

Fantastic Gig.

2+ hours of 1 man, a piano, and a guitar.

So many great songs. So many good ad libs. Such fun. Only problem is that the lady should have been there too.

Included were Becoming More Like Alfie, If..., National Express, Indie Disco, Everybody Knows, Tonight We Fly, Geronimo et al! About 30 songs in total!

Support act were pretty good too - Kath Davies I think.

See the pics here.

Air @ Somerset House

Somerset House is a beautiful place in the rain, let alone on a hot summer evening with the lady.

And when I got there, sweaty and late after work, the first thing that happened is that Air played a blinder. Brilliant. 2 hours of Gaellic perfection. All the classics, and some cracking posturing. Beautiful.

See the pics here.

Travel for London Price Hikes AGAIN!

They are raising the prices for public transport in London. Boris Johnson says it's all down to Ken Livingstone and his wasteful system. Now whether that's true or not I don't know, but seeing as the main party is really not to be trusted, and his wingmen were often referred to as crooks; maybe it's all true.

But tourists still manage to get shafted - no oyster card sir? Well that's £1billion pounds per trip now...

Congestion Charge Redux

I have received a letter to say that of course I do not need pay for the erroneous ticket. Entertainingly due to the mail strike the letter saying it's silly arrived after the acceptance letter!

So there. Finally a win for the little man...

Congestion Charge

I have just been charged for using the congestion charge free diversion around Victoria - the Bressenden Place Diversion.

I think they will be apologising soon. I am annoyed that following the rules = ticket...

Not happy!