True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

District 9

Fantastic film. Worth watching for:
1. Sci-fi fun
2. Political comment
3. Character development

Perfect film for cold weather as it reminds you of lovely warm Sarf Africa!

Nicely paced with good open ended resolution. Lovely inspection of people's beliefs and prejudices. Well worth a watch.

A Scanner Darkly

Amazing film, based on a typically gripping and labyrinthine book by Philip K. Dick.

Substance D is the power and the blight of the near future and Keanu plays someone out of his depth - perfect characterisation really.

You must watch it if only to marvel at the beauty of the lovely animation. The story cracks along too. Love it.

The Hangover

I have just watched The Hangover.

It is a film about men. Men and what they do when one of their own is about to be taken away and become betrothed. To be honest I reckon most the comedy is lost on non-males, but even then it is funny.

For a man it is hilarious. Without a doubt the best film I've seen this year. It is in fact the type of film where you come out wishing you had the balls to do what they did! Fantastic stuff. Too many laugh out loud moments - the likes of which are familiar to many men during the morning after!

Plus Heather Graham is as awesome as ever. Fit too... And she's 40!

Buy the DVD.

Do not download the virtual Tesco's DVD - just rip the damn thing. Awful system to package an amazing film!