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AFI - Crash Love

AFI - Crash Love.

Released Sept 09 I've only just picked it up as I've become increasingly slack at being the leader of the fashionistas.

This is their 8th (!) studio album. They do seem to keep churning them out at a frightening speed. Since their seminal "The Art of Drowning" some have felt they have been treading water. I think that actually they found their mojo and their groove and followed it.

It's basically a more poppy version of "The Art of Drowning". Beautifully crafted anthemic angst. Nothing more nothing less. Still enough of the crunch to grasp the oldies and enough of the singalongs to get the young girls...

If you like AFI you'll love this. If you like people such as Fall Out Boy - try upgrading to quality music like this.

Me like. Enough said.