True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

The CWU - Are they actually idiots?

The CWU are responsible for the current parlous nature of the Royal Mail in the UK.

Who cares I hear you ask - we've got the internet, and ecommerce!

Bear in mind that contracts etc all have to be done hard copy and that letters for appointments for hospitals etc all go by post. Let alone all the people of a certain age who don't use the internet and are now completely isolated.

Well done the CWU. They have taken heed of the need to modernise (no more hand sorting please, we actually can use machine that do it quicker better and with less stealing), and taken that to mean that they should get more money for less work.

Private companies are jumping for joy - how else to get a foothold in a monopoly than by getting the 'workers' to strike, meaning that DHL, UKMail et al are the only alternative.

If you are working for a company, unless you are on Flexi-time, or have a special arrangement; you should work you contracted hours. LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DOES. You should not be allowed to slope off home at 09:30 when there is a stack-load of post to do.

But then what do I know, I only work in a public sector job that gets absolutely screwed continually and cannot strike. Plus I don't get the benefit of being in the outdoors all the time.