True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

NHS Staff Survey 2012

Strangely accurate for my trust...

Managers the problem as always





24 Hour Seven Day Working NHS

So doctors should work 24/7 for their public, should they?

This public who think nothing of the head of the LTA getting £640,000 for making the sport smaller.

We have an over-entitled, over-fed, under-educated populace. People are not interested in taking care of themselves or others. Care has become expected rather than treasured.

Nowhere else in the world is the care as efficient or well managed. Sadly the politicians and ruling generation are all terrified of the "C" word (no not Jeremy Hunt), cancer.

Cancer can be awful, but often it's significance is over-played compared to cardiovascular disease, dementia, etc. Treatment is horrible, expensive and often of limited value. And yet we still cling to the idea of quantity rather than quality - who wants 5 extra months if you feel awful and want to die but won't… especially if it costs £1000-£10000s per day.

But the baby-boomer generation want to live to 90 in luxury, whilst our generation starve and scrape to pay for them. NIMBYs at home, and NIMLs at work and play (Not In My Lifetime).

Just think of the legacy they leave:

  • Environmental decay Poverty Global recession Youth un-employment

Just a thought...


NHS IT Project deemed FAILED AGAIN!

Says it all really.

Stop trying to sell our details...

Sometimes the truth will out...

Managers are usually not nasty people. However in the NHS they appear to be fuckwits.

Nicely put by a nursing colleague

Consultant in charge

Obstructive Bastards...

This is a post you need to read.

In fact read all of his posts...

Ferret's Fancier - Medical Style

No sleep for the wicked

Apparently wards in hospital are noisy busy places - BBC News

No shit sherlock.

This is possibly the most obvious piece of information I have ever learnt!