True mumblings, from a junior doctor...

Internet Explorer 6 - ie countdown

So shit even Microsoft are ashamed...

They are running a campaign to get people to use a modern browser. Are you listening NHS??????

The Apple iPad vs Adobe Flash

Not going to comment too much yet, but to all those site who feel that flash is vital:

Flash Crash

Flash on iPhone

ISCP the devils worksite

Oh my god I hate the ISCP site...

Designed by a kid with crayons, it sucks the very life from me.

WHY OH WHY could they not integrate the sodding ISCP surgeons log into it instead of attempting to botch their own?

especially as they should have bought elogbook, or even OOOTTA


XBOX 360 as a lovely prize...

I won a chuffing XBox 360 on XFM yesterday!  Also got tickets to awesome band Pendulum's album unleashing at Fabric in London.  How effing wicked is that?

Grand Theft Auto 4 here I come!

But seriously, how often do you randomly text in to a radio station and win something?  Not that often, surely.  Only happened twice in two attempts for me... I love XFM!  Plus the music is ace too.

I'll let you know what happens soon.

New site once again! Now in Rapidblog!

Still here at:

Will see about the move in due course...